Audition at Footlighters


You are going to get involved and audition! Great! Here’s some tips and insights for auditioning at Footlighters Theater.

  • All auditions start at 7:30PM on the dates listed on the show page, unless they note otherwise.
  • All auditions are open to anyone  – we never pre-cast a show.
  • Footlighters will ask you to fill out a short form providing contact information, and a short resume of previous acting experience (if any). If you already have a pre-printed resume, that is useful, but not necessary. Footlighters welcomes beginners, so previous experience is not required.
  • Footlighters Theater usually does “cold-reading” auditions, not always from the script of the play being auditioned for. As such, you will not generally need a prepared monologue unless explicitly called for in the audition notice.  For a straight (non-musical) play, the cold-reading (either alone or with other auditioners) is generally the entire audition.
  • For musicals, auditioners trying out for a dancing role will have to learn a short dance number from the choreographer and perform that dance number for the choreographer and director. Bring dance shoes appropriate to the role(s) you are trying out for.
  • Auditioners trying out for a singing role will have to sing a song of your choice (preferably of a style similar to the show’s music) for the music director. Bring piano sheet music (preferred) or a karaoke-style backup music CD without vocals.
  • We are an all-volunteer community theater, so note that all persons cast in a production are expected to help in the technical aspects of building the show, such as set construction, painting, set decorating, properties, lighting, etc.  No previous experience is required, and there are always things you can do!

Contact the theater 610-296-9245 or drop us a line if you have any questions

Check out this page on general auditioning tips to see if they can help you land that role you want!


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