Auditions for Pirates of Penzance!

Directed by: David Ben Leavitt
Music Direction by: Joseph Erdeljac

Auditions: 3/6 & 3/8 at 7:30

Performance Dates:
5/19, 20, 6/2, 3, 9, 10, 16, 17 at 8 PM
5/21, 6/4, 11 at 2 PM
(No performances Memorial Day Weekend)

Dazzling and Beloved operetta by
W.S. Gilbert & Arthur Sullivan

Auditions will be held in small groups. by appointment only. This minimizes the time you have to spend (you’ll be done in an hour), and gives us a better chance to see what you can do. Please contact the director( to schedule an audition, or if you have any questions. (If you want to audition but can’t make the dates shown, let us know; we may be able to work something out.)
Auditions will consist of two parts: cold reads from the script, and a musical number (or numbers) as shown below. All references are to the Schirmer score.

    Major-General Stanley  –  p. 74-82, #13, “I am the very model of a Modern Major-General”
    Pirate King  –  p. 22-25, #3, “Oh better far to live and die”  &  p. 96, Intro to Hail Poetry
    Samuel  –  p. 14-17, #1, “Pour, o pour the Pirate sherry”  &  p. 183-184, #26, from letter C to D, “With cat like tread”
    Frederic  –  p. 45-48, #7, “Oh is there not one maiden breast”
    Sergeant of Police  –  p. 173-176, #24, “When a felon’s not engaged in his employment”
    Mabel  –  p. 51-56, #8, “Poor wandering one”
    Edith  –  p. 37-40, from letter E to G, #5, “Climbing over rocky mountain”
    Kate –  p. 39-40, from 5 measures before letter H to K, #5, Climbing over rocky mountain”
    Ruth  –  p. 18-20, #2, “When Frederic was a little lad”
    Chorus Women  –  p. 34-36, #5, “Climbing over rocky mountain”  &  p. 59 to top of 61,  #10, “How beautifully blue the sky”
    Chorus Men  –  p. 14, #13,  “Pour, o pour the Pirate sherry”  &  p. 180-183, #26,  “With cat like tread”
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